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A complimentary 20-minute discovery call, designed exclusively for aspiring vocalists like you. During this call, Bel will provide you with a free consultation, aiming to understand your unique aspirations, goals, and interests in voice lessons.

Whether you dream of performing on stage, improving your technique, or simply want to explore the beauty of your voice, this consultation will help us tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Discover the power of your voice today and embark on an exciting vocal journey with us!


Free Voice Consultation applies only online via Zoom to work through your current voice needs.

This is 20 minutes long.

Be sure to come and prepare all the questions you have .

Can't wait to see you .

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Bel , your singing voice teaching here at BelVoice Studio . I'm so happy you're here! I truly believe that everyone can sing, and I am committed to providing my students with the tools and knowledge they need to improve their singing skills. And through my unique experiences and continuing education , I can help more singers achieve their individual goals,

so let's get singing together.



Why you should start your voice lesson with me

Belle Bau.

Bel is an incredible voice teacher. She makes learning fun & has helped me progress with my singing skills. She listens to what I want to achieve & helps me do that. I 10/10 recommend her to anyone looking to better their vocals!!!

Rey M.

Bel is a very passionate teacher. She is very patient to you and her lesson. She listens as to what you want and will guide you to achieve it. She tailors her lessons on each person. She is instrumental as to i feel more comfortable in my own voice and singing. She is a great coach.

Cherry S.

I’ve been Bel’s student for about 2 years and I’ve learned so much. I’ve also improved my singing and it helped me gain confidence. Aside from Bel teaching me vocal techniques and exercises, she taught me how to love my voice and how singing represents who we are inside. I look forward to learning more! Thank you Bel!



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