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Certified Evidence Based Voice Teacher

Music Educator

Former band manager-female lead vocalist

“The path I took to become a singing voice teacher was anything but ordinary. It wasn't just a simple progression from childhood karaoke to a professional career. Instead, it was a journey filled with significant milestones that shaped my passion for teaching singing. Let me share with you these key moments that led me to discover my love for singing and set me on the path to becoming a voice teacher.”

Discovering the

Joy of Singing

with Family

Singing along with my family during karaoke sessions created a special bond and ignited a passion for music within me. These joyful moments sparked my love for singing and self-expression through song.

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Exploring the Adventure of Band collaboration

Joining a band at the age of 15 exposed me to the beauty of ensemble music. Collaborating with other musicians taught me the importance of teamwork, communication, and the art of musical collaboration.

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Leadership and


In 2012-2019 , Forming an Acoustic Duo band known as Acoustic String Duo allowed me to develop leadership and organizational skills. As the lead vocalist and manager, I learned effective communication, time management, and decision-making.

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Pursuing Excellence in Music Education

Pursuing a Bachelor of Music Major in Music Education degree in my home country Philippines at the University of Visayas - fomerly known as VIP GULLAS CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC provided me with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills in music theory, vocal technique, and performance. This immersive program helped me develop a strong foundation in music.

I graduated last April 2019.

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Commitment to Continuous Education

Actively participating in workshops and obtaining vocal training certificates allowed me to learn from industry professionals, explore new techniques, and refine my skills. I am committed to lifelong learning and staying updated with the latest vocal pedagogy.

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Vocal Pedagogy Expertise

In early 2023, I pursued a Level I & II Evidence Based Voicework Certification through Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio and an active member of the “Dream Team - a voice teachers support group” . This certification equipped me with the knowledge and tools to effectively teach and guide aspiring singers. By understanding the science behind vocal technique and incorporating evidence-based methodologies, I became a more effective and knowledgeable voice teacher, helping my students unlock their full singing potential.

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what can you expect from me?

These principles are also topics that

I enjoy discussing in my content.

Love for singing:

Embrace the joy of music and let your voice soar.

Confidence building:

Believe in yourself and overcome any self-doubt and embrace your unique voice.

Voice improvement:

Our focus will be on developing the technical aspects of singing while also encouraging personal growth and exploration.

Individual identity:

Embrace your unique style and let your voice be your signature.

Collaboration and teamwork:

Through collaboration, you learn to listen, adapt, and harmonize with others, creating memorable experiences for both yourself and your audience.



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