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Bel Aguinod, is a Certified Evidence Based Voice Teacher and Music Educator based in Bucks County , Pennsylvania . Fueled by her lifelong passion for singing, Bel has dedicated herself to helping aspiring singers reach their potential. Combining personal experience , academic knowledge and continuous education she provides students with the skills to succeed. Whether you're a budding vocalist seeking guidance or a music lover eager to learn, you've come to the right place.

Let the transformative power of singing guide your journey.


Customized Voice Lesson

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be able to sing any song

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that needs to keep up their technique

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Singing as a hobby

especially to those who loves singing karaoke

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Student's Feedback

Why you should start your voice lesson with me

Briana F.

"" I am thankful for Belle, been working with her since last year , and she is so passionate , hardworking , sincere voice teacher. She's even good in motivating me in singing"

five star rating

Kimberly M.

Maribel is an excellent singing teacher. She creates a comfortable environment for you to be able to practice. Overall, she is not just a great singing teacher, but she is an amazing person.

five star rating

Linda P.

" Teacher Maribel is a versatile teacher, helps and understand how my voice works and help me improve my voice not only that she taught to me to how to understand vocal registers , which is so helpful in my singing too.

five star rating

Let me teach you how to sing better.

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